Thursday, November 12, 2009

Alana's Achievers partenered with Ashoka's Youth Venture and the Hasbro Playathon to raise money for my friend, Kourtney Najjar, awaiting her multi-organ transplant to save her life! The event was a great success and Kourtney had a blast! I am so happy that she was feeling good enough to come and enjoy herself! I will be posting some interviews soon from the event. I had a friend from my old acting class come do some interviews for us so thank you Kymia!!!

No one will ever know how much Kourtney has already endured and suffered through in her young life, however, she is so brave and strong with incredible support from her parents and siblings that you would never know that Kourtney has a terminal condition! They live life to the fullest and the do not look back!

Kourtney's rare transplant is only done in 5 hospitals around the U.S. and her care is at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. She is ready for this transplant so she can get on with life! What an inspiring little girl so be thankful of your health and that you have this day!!!

God Bless and thank you to all my family and friends here in San Diego and from Youth Venture, Get Ur Good On, Athletes for Education, Everybody Wins, etc, as everyone has shown amazing support for Kourtney!!!

Give the gift of life,donate your organs, live life to the fullest!!!

Your friend,

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