Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alana's Achievers by Toya Bryant

A very dear and talented friend, Toya Bryant, wrote this beautiful poem about Alana's Achievers and my goal to help those less fortunate and inspire people everywhere to give of themselves and serve in their communties! Thank you so much Toya for this incredible gift that I can share with the world!!! Love, Alana

By Toya Bryant

Alana’s Achievers full of childhood dreams
Their view of the world is not all they see

They live to serve others and inspire their hope
As good friends and neighbors they help others to cope

Alana’s Achievers may be small in size
But have big hearts, goals, and stars in their eyes

They know they can help, young and old alike
By helping them strive for a wonderful life

With the imagination of a child
They see into the distance

To where life can take them
Even with the odds against them

Recognizing their place in the world
They give without seeking gain

They don’t do it for money
Or just to seek fame

All is done out of the love
That swells in their hearts

In giving back to people who need it
They play a large part

Alana’s Achievers
Let their goals be heard

Through acts of kindness
And heartfelt words

Whether organizing food drives
Or helping others to read

Or promoting physical fitness
Or teaching young ones to lead

Alana’s Achievers
Raise a unified voice

That caring about others
Is a must, not a choice

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